Our Mission: Genesee Valley

DSC02716 (1)Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center is located in Parkton, Maryland, just twenty-five minutes north of Baltimore City and 30 minutes south of York, Pennsylvania. We are an educational non-profit organization that has been serving children and adults for over thirty years as one of the region’s top team building facilities.

Our mission is to show people how to solve problems and work together to make amazing things happen. We want to encourage people to believe in themselves and show them that they are capable of whatever they set their minds to. Through our programs and activities, participants learn how to face life’s challenges head on and build valuable skills through the lessons learned with us.

We carry out our mission through a variety of programs and activities that take place at Genesee Valley: adult and youth team-building, sports, summer camps and so much more. Our Experiential Education Program utilizes our challenge course to actively focus on developing improved communication, cooperation, healthy risk-taking, leadership, trust, persistence and creative problem solving skills.

Our programs are fun but they are so much more than that! After activities, our facilitators debrief participants about what the activity taught them and how the skills learned can be used in everyday life. This helps the participants process the lessons learned and discuss real-life application.

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