Scott Gray Attends The ACCT Conference and Exposition

Late in January of this year Scott Gray, our Challenge Course Director, attended the 28th annual Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Conference and Exposition. According to their website, the ACCT, “is an international trade organization dedicated to standards, government relations, credentialing, professional development and advancement of our members.” The ACCT serves as the foremost authority on challenge courses worldwide and accredits vendors all over the world. It is one of these accredited vendors that serve as the outside inspector for Genesee Valley. They make sure we are following the international standards in good faith and that our program continues to evolve with the industry at large. GVOLC follows the ACCT standards of training and elemental construction. These high standards ensure that GVOLC is providing a program that mitigates most risks.


Scott attended workshops that focused on a variety of topics, including: tree health/care, challenge course inspection, facilitation of groups, risk management, diversity in programming and the training of staff members. Scott also attended both the Non-Profit Challenge Course Affinity Meeting and the Educational Use Affinity Group. Scott asserts, “As our industry continues to move in the ‘pay-for-play’ adventure park direction, it is important that the voices of educators are heard within our field. We need to be able to form partnerships with other educators to continue to provide our valuable programs in the future.”


“It is important that facilities like Genesee Valley attend the ACCT Conference yearly or as often as possible. It is the best way to stay informed about trends in the industry and stay on top of upcoming regulations in the challenge course field. The conference is also a great opportunity to keep in touch with old friends and make new contacts in the field. I get so much from attending the conference each year, and am already looking forward to next year.”

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