Shaping The Future Of GVOLC: Board Member Tyler Wright

WRIGHT tyler

My career in banking has helped me make an impact in the Baltimore community by being connected to business professionals, civic leaders and non-profit organizations. When I first was introduced to GVOLC in 2013, I immediately was drawn to the beauty and vastness of Genesee Valley and all the fun activities you can get involved with while at GV. I grew up on the Eastern Shore, so I’ve always had a love for the outdoors and working in the environment so I was captivated by what GV had to offer.


My wife is a teacher and we have two little girls, so we both value education. I’m especially a huge proponent of outdoor education, which is GV’s platform.


I was introduced to the Board of GVOLC through my involvement with the Business Volunteers of Maryland. Once I was asked to join the Board, I immediately accepted the opportunity. I’ve since be able to connect the United Way young professionals group to GV, which offers team building programs to corporate groups. I’ve also provided my financial and banking expertise to the Board by sitting on the Executive and Finance Committees. I believe my involvement in these committees has helped make a difference in shaping the future of GV and creating a strong foundation for GV to continue to grow as an organization and outdoor learning environment.


  1. Tyler Wright


You can learn more about GVOLC’s board of directors here.

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