Meet Erin Quinley: Our On Duty Interventionist

This year Genesee Valley is adding a new position to our summer camp program. We are pleased to announce Erin Quinley is joining us as the On-Duty Interventionist (ODI). The ODI’s role is to act as a floater during the camp season. Erin is trained to assist counselors in high ropes rescues, camper issues, facility maintenance, and more. She will also work with campers who have special needs and behavioral issues. Erin will act as a liaison between parents and counselors in order to understand and utilize camper coping mechanisms and provide camper accommodations in cooperation with the summer camp counselor. Welcome Erin!

There wasn’t a question in my mind whether or not I would return to the Valley.

My journey in the world of outdoor education began at Genesee Valley eleven years ago. I was a hapless nineteen-year-old, fresh out of high school. I couldn’t wait to be on my own, and Genesee was offering staff housing; that is all I knew. I worked as a summer camp counselor and then went on my merry way to my freshman year of college, out of state. When that year ended, there wasn’t a question in my mind whether or not I would return to the Valley. I signed on as a camp counselor again and felt the magic and community that this place holds. I realized that I had experienced nothing like that in my freshman year at college. I remember that feeling which so rarely occurs (at least for me), but when it does, it is poignant and undeniable; that confident equilibrium of mind and heart agreeing, “this is right.” I made the decision to transfer to CCBC and stay on through the fall to learn how to become a facilitator.

 Looking back on that time I can see its significance. It was during those three seasons at Genesee Valley that my passion for inspiring kinship between people and the natural world was brought to the surface. I was introduced to the type of community that I felt at home in – one of open communication, creativity, closeness and a lot of play. I am so grateful that I had the unbelievable opportunity to be exposed to these ideas and experiences early in my career.

When that fall season ended, I shipped off to another school and began the ten-year journey that ultimately brought me full-circle, back to GVOLC last March. Today, I am delighted to be using what I have learned along the way, and giving back to the organization that started this story.

Now, enough of this computer nonsense, let’s go outside and play! Aruchicha!


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  1. This is awesome! I worked at the Valley between 2002-2006 and currently am in the special education/autism field. It’s great to know that you are investing in a dedicated staff position to help our folks participate fully.

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