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Whether you are looking to improve communication skills, foster teamwork, promote creative problem solving, encourage adventurous yet healthy risk-taking, or just share a fun day out of the office, Genesee Valley can create a team building experience specifically tailored to your group.

Based on your goals for the program, enthusiastic and professional facilitators will lead small groups of 10-12 people through a progression of group challenges and processing opportunities. We offer day or overnight programs for groups from 10 to 200 people, and our challenge course is one of the largest of its kind in the country, comprised of over 60 low- and high-ropes course elements.

As an educational non-profit organization, we are very intentional about utilizing our course for group and personal development, rather than an amusement park or “pay-to-play” experience. We encourage visitors to familiarize themselves with our philosophy and mission before arriving; we’ve found that groups have the greatest success when all participants are clear on expectations for the day.


Recently, Girl Scout Troop 1004/2139 came to Genesee Valley and we just had to share their testimonial from their time here.


“Good evening, I have brought my girl scouts to your establishment for years. I have always loved to watch the processes the children experience and watch them grow as a group. Your staff is always amazing, but I really feel the need to reach out about our experience today. Our counselor was Kaleb. Let me start by saying that I teach children with special needs and I like to think that I am in tune with the needs of each individual child. Kaleb was so spot on with the needs of each individual girl, he knew just what to say and just how to say it. I myself have 2 children with needs and they both felt a strong bond with Kaleb. He kept the group in mind while still meeting every single child right where they were. I loved watching him in action. The staff in our school could learn so much just from watching him work his magic. He is such an asset to your establishment. I felt like he cared for each and every girl. This isn’t a job to him, he clearly wanted to get through to the girls and make a difference. He is absolutely amazing. He took the experience to the next level. Thank you all for all you do and the experiences you provide to our girls. We love Genesee Valley!”


We love hearing about our incredible staff going the extra mile to ensure that every child or adult that comes to GVOLC is made to feel comfortable and welcome. If you are interested in learning more about our team building for youth or adults, click here.


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