Meet Mr. Harold: Part of The GVOLC Family

Recently, we have been introducing you to all of the staff members at GVOLC who you might see during Summer Camp. For this month’s feature, we wanted to tell you about someone who has been a part of the GV family for over 18 years!


Harold Jones, better known as Mr. Harold, cuts all the grass on the grounds of Genesee Valley, almost 150 acres. He truly is dedicated and passionate about his job and takes pride in how the grounds are maintained for all the participants who enjoy GV.


From making sure the archery range grass is low enough so the children can find all the arrows, to collecting all the stray lacrosse balls, to keeping the sports fields well manicured, Mr. Harold is dedicated to ensuring that our grounds are in tip-top shape!


Mr. Harold, and his wife of 63 years, Ms. Dot, are neighbors to Genesee Valley and enjoy watching all the people who come and go.


Mr. Harold’s career at the Valley began after his retirement from the Massey Ferguson Farm Equipment Company, when Tom approached him to see if he would be interested in helping with some of the mowing. His dedication is apparent as Genesee Valley looks amazing!


Everyone who works at Genesee Valley recognizes Mr. Harold’s friendly smile as he drives the John Deere mower around the grounds. He is known to stop and take his ear protection off so he can turn on his hearing aid to chat, and then he is off again, taking care of all the grass! He is truly a wonderful person and we all appreciate everything he does here.

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