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About our Staff

The Genesee Valley staff community is a family of individuals who are interested in helping themselves, each other, and our clients to grow. We look for compassionate, committed, and hard working people with some prior experience and/or strong interest in working outdoors to join our team. Our staff range in age, educational background, personal background, experience and qualifications. We have had staff from all over the United States and from other countries. Some people stay here for a few years, some just for a season. There are people who have degrees ranging from Creative Writing to Biology to Graphic Design, and there are people on staff that have never attended college. Everyone that works here brings something new to Genesee Valley – new activities, new attitudes, new stories and new perspectives.

Our Community

We work hard to establish a strong community both during the day as well as outside of work. Morning meeting is a time to check in, share news, and set a positive tone for the day ahead. Lunch is provided, and staff join together for the shared meal in our dining area. In the summer camp season, we end the day with an afternoon meeting to recap the day’s experiences. After working hours, staff often climb on our course, fish in our ponds, or play ultimate Frisbee in the fields. We plan communal dinners, game nights, campfires and staff trips. Many former staff have remained in the area, and they constitute a close-knit, loyal network of Genesee friends and supporters.

Community Responsibilities and Additional Work Expectations

Some community responsibilities may include property maintenance, Dish Dog (kitchen clean up), recycling, trash duty, etc. Optional responsibilities may include work in the garden or on the farm. We also expect our staff to play active roles in staff meetings, professional development opportunities, fundraising events and any odd jobs that need attention. We expect a lot from our staff and are confident that they receive invaluable lessons, experience, and opportunities for growth in return.

Working for a Nonprofit

Genesee Valley is a non-profit organization, which means we are not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit. Financially, we rely on grants, fundraising, donations, and summer camp and day program tuition. In addition to daily responsibilities, we expect our staff to participate in fundraising events and to contribute extra time and energy to help improve our programs, facility and community. Most importantly, we encourage our staff to be invested in and committed to our mission and proud of the positive impact we have on the thousands of people we serve each year.


We expect all of our staff to:

  • Be of service
  • Set an example of excellence
  • Keep commitments
  • Be patient, understanding and approachable
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be willing to take initiative
  • Be community-oriented
  • Show respect for others and the environment
  • Exhibit enthusiasm and creativity in their work
  • Strive toward a professional work ethic
  • Safely and effectively execute programs by planning, leading and debriefing activities

Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center considers applicants on an equal opportunity basis without regard to an applicant’s race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other status protected by federal, state, or local law.

The Summer 2018 Staff Family Celebrates the End of Season!

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