Wish List

As an educational non-profit organization, Genesee Valley is always on the lookout for items that could be donated.  We will accept new or used items, provided it is not directly challenge course related (sorry we can’t accept used ropes).

This season we are looking for a number of things.  If you or someone you know might be interested in making a tax deductible donation of any of the follow items, please call us at 410-343-0101 or email us at info@geneseevalley.org.   If you have something not on this list, but you think might be of use here at the Valley… give us a call.  We really appreciate it!

1.  Rescue or transport ATV- we need an off road vehicle that can sit 4 and/or be used to move people in an emergency.

2. Canoes- we can use your old boats w/ minor scratches & dents.

3.  Canoe Trailer