Adults/Corporate Rates

Non-corporate Adults [nonprofit, small business, churches, state agencies, health care, etc.]
Full Day: $55 per participant
½ Day (9am-1pm or 12pm-4pm): $35 per participant

Corporate Adults
Full Day: $80 per participant
½ Day (9-1 or 12-4): $50 per participant

*Price remains the same regardless of length of program within a 9am-4pm day.

Non-corporate and Corporate Adults
2-7 hours: $10 per person per hour (minimum payment for 6 people, 2 hours)
Mileage cost: $.55 per mile

Overnight programming (only available for groups that book a day program)
Night program without camping (2-3 hours): $8.00 per participant
Camping without night program: $10.00 per participant per night
Camping with night program (7pm-9pm or 2 hours):
$15.00 per participant per night
Tent rental: $12.00 per tent (sleeps 2-3 people comfortably)

Additional Fees

$30.00 per extra chaperone (if more than 1 adult chaperone per ~8 students), $35.00 on weekends