Tips and Tools for Group Organizers

If you are interested in booking a program at Genesee Valley, please follow these steps:

  1. Thoroughly review our website to gain a clear understanding of our programs
  2. Contact us to clarify any information
  3. When ready to book, call or email our office with the following information:
  • Group Name
  • Contact Person
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Requested program dates (at least 3; or day of week/month, etc)
  • Arrival Time
  • Departure Time
  • Number of participants*
  • Age of Participants
  • Approval for trip (from principal, etc)

Once we have set a date, we’ll email contract materials. From here, please follow these steps:

  1. Return the signed contract and a 50% deposit or Purchase Order within 7 business days of booking.
  2. Arrange transportation for the day of the program.
  3. Share Genesee Valley information with participants so they know what to expect (important: most participants will NOT be zipping!)
  4. Submit a proof of liability insurance, within 2 weeks of your program.
  5. Arrange lunch if participants are not bringing their own (most groups brown-bag it).
  6. Check in with us to see how many facilitators we will have available for your group (most likely 1 for every 10-11 participants), so you can pre-divide your group accordingly.
  7. We will do a final call or email to touch base a few days before the program to make sure you are fully prepared.

*You can inform us of updates to your numbers up to one month before the program date. If numbers drop after this deadline, you will still be required to pay for the contracted number.

**The better prepared we are for the day, the more successful the program will be. We have a number of different ways to adapt our activities and elements to accommodate students with various needs. In the past, we have successfully worked with participants that have limited mobility, no use of their arms or legs, emotional disorders, learning differences, etc. If we know about these needs ahead of time, we can prepare activities that provide similar opportunities for success for every student in the group.

Local Restaurant Information

Wally’s Country Store: 410-357-8175

Deli style
Graul’s Grocery, Hereford: 410-329-6221
Panera Bread, Hunt Valley: 410-329-1134
Wegman’s, Hunt Valley: 410-773-3900