Athletics/Facility Rental

Athletic Fields

Our groomed and maintained sports fields see roughly 10,000 people annually. We host a number of athletic events throughout the year, from lacrosse tournaments to cross country runs. We are proud to provide practice fields for school and recreational teams, and to carry on a tradition of supporting our local athletics.

If you are interested in renting our fields for practices, scrimmages, tournaments, runs or events, please contact Jane LaMonica for pricing and details: 410.343.0101 or

Request for old soccer goals

Field Rentals FAQs

Are we allowed to bring our pets?
Due to insurance and safety concerns we cannot allow you to bring your pets to our facilities.  We understand this may not be ideal for you, however, there are thousands of individuals that utilize our fields throughout the year and we strive to do what we can for the safety and benefit of everyone.

Are we allowed to walk around property or play on the obstacle courses?
No.  Please remain in the immediate area surrounding the sports fields.  Genesee Valley is private property and due to liability insurance you are not allowed anywhere on property besides the sports fields; that includes the woods, trails, and Challenge Course.

My GPS took me to 1717 Rayville Rd. but I’m not sure where the fields are located?
Turn onto Rayville road, pass the main entrance for Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center (big wooden sign), go up the hill and the sports fields parking entrance is the 2nd gate on the left.

How can I find out if our games are cancelled?
Please check with the appropriate coordinator of your event.  Genesee Valley only rents the facility to the organization having the event so check with their website because our employees will not know.

Athletic Fields Address:
1745 Rayville Rd.
Parkton, MD 21120

Where can I stay if I’m coming for a multi-day event?
If you would like to reside in a local place the closest hotels are in Shrewsbury, PA and Cockeysville or Hunt Valley, MD. These hotels are located in small towns about 20 minutes from Genesee Valley.  They do have shopping centers, dining, and also recreational activities. However, if you would rather be located in a more city like area we suggest you stay in Baltimore.

Are there public restrooms available on site?
Your event organizer will provide Port-a-Pots.  All buildings are private property and not associated with your event.

What should I do with my trash?
The Sponsoring event will provide trash cans.  Genesee Valley is a “Pack in, Pack out” facility so please respect our property and throw trash in the bins or take it home with you.

Will there be food at my event?
That is decided by the event (tournament) organizer, we only provide the fields.
Located nearby are:

Wally’s County Store, (410) 357-8175, on the corner of Middletown Rd. and Rayville Rd.  They have subs, gas and ice.

Prettyboy Market (a few miles north on Middletown Rd.) 20200 Middletown Rd. Freeland, MD 21053. They have great fried chicken and potato wedges!

​Michael’s Pizza carry out and delivery is located on 16952 York Rd, Monkton, MD 21111 (410) 357-8333.

If you are looking for a sit down meal Casa Mia’s is located at 17417 York Rd. Parkton, MD.  410-357-4231.

The largest selection of restaurants is located in Hunt Valley.

I need to drop off a cooler and tent can I just stop on Rayville Rd. to do that?
You cannot park or stop along Rayville Road; this only causes traffic jams.  Please park your vehicle in the designated areas and unload your things.

I see fields on both sides of the street, how do I get to the other fields?
After parking your vehicle, use the cross walks to cross the street.   Please do not climb over the fence; this will cause them to break and could cause injury.

Is smoking permitted onsite?
If you must smoke please do so in the parking area and dispose of your trash properly.

We would like to tailgate after the games.  Is alcohol permitted on the property?
Genesee Valley is a dry facility so no drinking is permitted.