Facilitator Positions

Spring and Fall Positions Available

  • Facilitator
  • On Call Facilitator


Age requirement: 18 years old

In the spring, summer and fall, our facilitators work with a wide variety of groups for day or multi-day programs. Each facilitator spends the day (~9am-4pm) with a small group of around 10-13 participants, safely and effectively leading the group through a goal-driven progression of activities. While all of our summer hires work summer camp, some counselors may facilitate occasional day programs in the summer, and many of our summer camp counselors remain on staff to facilitate in the fall and beyond.

No previous experience in the experiential education field is required.  We provide an extensive two week training followed by a period of co-leading with a seasoned facilitator.  During training you will learn group dynamics, low course facilitation and high course rescue procedures.

We are always looking for seasoned facilitators to join our on call or full time staff!  If you have previous training in challenge course facilitation we can evaluate your skills and preform a site-specific skill check/training lasting around three days.  Please mention your previous experience in your application.  If you have a certification provided by an accredited ACCT vendor member or another group, please let us know during the application process.

Overview of a Typical Group Program Day

  • 8:00 Morning staff meeting
  • 8:30 Planning and prep
  • 9:00 Group arrives, greeting and introduction
  • 9:15 Icebreakers and name games
  • 9:30 Full Value Commitment (goal-setting)
  • 10:00 Problem-solving initiatives
  • 11:00 Low challenge course elements
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 12:30 High challenge course element
  • 3:30 Final debrief
  • 4:00 Group departure
  • 4:15 Clean-up responsibilities
  • 4:45 Facilitator debrief
  • 5:00 End of day

Facilitator to Participant Ratio

1:10 average

Types of Groups

  • Public and independent elementary, middle and high schools
  • Teachers and faculty
  • College students or faculty
  • Scout and church groups
  • Corporate workplaces
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Sports teams
  • Youth programs (ex: girls’ empowerment, adjudicated youth, community service programs)
  • Groups of friends or family


Spring: Mid March – 1st week of June
Fall: Mid August – 1st week of November

Have more questions?
For more information on job openings and the application process, please contact our office at 410-343-0101 or jobs@geneseevalley.org.