Rock Climbing Excursions

Off-Site Rock Climbing Excursions

Take an off-site rock climbing adventure!  You and your group will learn the basics of rock climbing from a certified top-rope guide. Trips can be as short as a half day or as long as a two day overnight. Our experienced guides will set up an are for you to climb based on your skill and time frame.

The rate is $35/person for 5 hours and $50/person for 8, plus mileage. Mileage is calculated at $0.55 per mile from Genesee Valley. If you are estimating costs you can search for driving directions from 1717 Rayville Rd. Parkton MD, 21120.

While no experience is necessary for this program, rock climbing can be strenuous and the climbing locations can be remote. We ask that everyone who plans on participating assess their own physical ability. All gear will be provided by Genesee Valley. Participants are allowed to bring their own climbing shoes, but they must use Genesee Valley’s harnesses and helmets.

If you are with a Boy Scout Troop, we also have registered Merit Badge Councillors available for Climbing Merit Badge.  Due to the nature of the BSA program, we cannot promise your youth would achieve the badge, but we have staff available to sign off on requirements.  Call or email us for more information.