GVOLC COVID-19 Policies and Procedures: Summer 2020

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures 

We eagerly anticipate the final go-ahead from local government officials to start our Camp Season.  In the meantime, it is only natural to have questions about what policies and procedures will be in place once camp opens for the 2020 season.

GVOLC currently is following the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines for opening camp, however we know that many parents/guardians have more specific questions about what camp will look like this summer.

To help guide families through the changes taking place this year, we have created an outline of some of the precautions that will be taken this Summer at GVOLC.

General Guidelines:

Parents/Guardians will be required to sign a COVID 19 policy agreement before their child may attend camp.  This agreement states that if their child is diagnosed with COVID 19 or shows any symptoms of the disease, they may not attend camp until the standard quarantine period has taken place.

This document will also state that entire camp groups may be asked to stay home from camp if a camper in their group is diagnosed or shows symptoms.  Parents are encouraged to have a back-up plan for if their child is carpooling and arrives to camp with a temperature.

All camper groups will be limited to no more than eight campers, one counselor and one junior counselor. Camper Groups will not directly interact with other groups during the day.  This will allow us to quarantine campers and groups if symptoms or a diagnosis of COVID 19 becomes present.

GVOLC is adding six additional hand washing stations around the property.   Campers will be less than a few minutes walk from each station.  Counselors will re required to wipe down services before and after each activity.

We will not be providing any transportation services to and from camp.

Morning Arrival Procedures::

Prior to arrival, parents/guardians will be required to answer a number of screening questions related to the health of their camper and the health of the family in general.  This will be distributed via email before their child is scheduled to attend camp.

Parents/guardians will respond to a Google Form or similar questionnaire prior to Monday morning check in.  Parents/Guardians that have failed to do so, will be required to sign a prepared document Monday morning confirming the health of their camper. (It is critical that campers that are carpooling have their parents fill out all required paperwork ahead of time to ensure a speedy Monday check in.)

If the screening questions demonstrate that the camper has been at risk for infection, they must be quarantined as per the CDC recommended amount of time before attending camp. 

If a camper has a temperature over 100 degrees they may not attend camp that day. 

If campers are sent home due to any COVID 19 policy, GVOC will offer prorated refunds for the week(s) of camp paid for in advance.

Check-in for the rest of the week will require a daily temperature check.


The swim area will be substantially enlarged to provide optimal space for participants to spread out.

Paddles, watercraft, personal flotation devices and other boating supplies will be sanitized between each use. 

Challenge Course Elements:

All climbing highs and other elements will practice social distancing.  Climbing Highs will be marked with specific places where it is okay to stand.

All participants and staff will sanitize their hands before and after each element.  They may wear gloves in addition to this.  Climbers/traversal participants are required to sanitize their hands before and after they participate.

All equipment will be assigned to specific groups for the day.  To limit the sharing of challenge course equipment.

All equipment will be sanitized to the manufacturer’s specific guidelines. 

During the 2020 season a few elements will not come online because they involve direct interactions with other participants to complete/attempt.  The vast majority of high course elements will stay online.

General Camp Guidelines:

Lunch will be eaten within the specific camp group of eight or fewer campers.  This will take place in various locations spread out across property.

Large activities that include the sum total of campers, (All Camp) activities will not take place this year to encourage social distancing.

All portable hand washing stations, soap dispensers, and hand sanitizer containers will be refilled throughout the day. 

All trash cans will be emptied and trash placed directly in the trash bins. Every 2 hours bathrooms will be wiped down.

Children will be directly dismissed to their parents/guardians at the end of the day.  Pickup will not require parents/guardians to leave their vehicles.  Staff will call out campers via a radio system once their ride arrives.

All trash cans will be emptied and trash placed directly in the trash bins.

Every 2 hours bathrooms and door knobs/handles will be wiped down/sanitized.

If you have any questions pertaining to specific activities or policies this year at GVOLC, please email us at camp@geneseevalley.org or give us a call at 410-343-010.  We are looking forward to a wonderful Summer this year and hope to see your camper at Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center!

Yours in Learning,

The GVOLC Management Team