Camp FAQ

Camp is open for 9 weeks between June 17 and August 23, 2019. No sessions will be offered the week of Independence Day. Register for Camp Here!

  1. When should I drop my child off at camp?
  2. When should I pick up my child from camp?
  3. Can my camper be in the same group with a friend?
  4. What is your refund policy?
  5. What do you do in the event of bad weather at camp?
  6. How many campers will be in each camp group?
  7. Where do campers swim?
  8. Is camp safe?
  9. What is your tax ID number?
  10. What should I bring to camp? 

When should I drop my child off at camp?

Please drop off your campers between 8:30 and 9:00am. If you have purchased the extended-day option, you may drop off your child beginning at (and no earlier than) 8:00am. From Rayville Road, turn left into our main entrance. Follow the gravel drive (slowly!) toward the bleachers. Camp staff will greet your car and ask for your camper’s name. Campers can exit the car and head to the white tent, but we ask that parents remain in their car throughout drop off. Please be quick with the drop off, as we usually have a long line of cars in the morning. 

When should I pick up my child from camp?

Campers should be picked up between 4:00 and 4:30pm. Follow the gravel drive to the large parking lot on the left, after the bleachers. Park your car, and walk to your camper’s group at the white tent. IMPORTANT: you must sign out your camper with his/her counselor before heading home.  If you have purchased the extended day option, you may pick up your child as late as (and no later than) 6:00pm.

Can my camper be in the same group with a friend?

Grouping requests should be indicated in the appropriate form on the registration page. You can email a request later if necessary, as long as we receive the written request at least 2 weeks before the start of camp. Campers can request to be with one other friend (with the exception for a group of 3 friends). The grouping request must be reciprocal. Because camp groups are small, (10-12 campers), we do not honor requests for more than 3 campers, and will split the friends among 2 groups if necessary. This may be difficult for some campers to understand, but we strongly follow this policy out of consideration for the other campers in the group; it’s important for us to attempt to avoid cliques, and make the camp experience enjoyable for everyone. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Though we will do our best to honor all valid requests, Genesee Valley cannot guarantee placements.

What is your refund policy?

For those who cancel camp more than two weeks prior to the start of the camp week, we are able to refund any amount paid beyond the $100.00 deposit.  Cancellations that occur within two weeks of camp will not be offered a refund. However, the amount beyond the deposit can be applied to the balance for other camp weeks on your account or applied as a credit for future summers. As always, the $100.00 deposit is non-refundable.

What do you do in the event of bad weather at camp?

We operate all of our camp activities rain or shine, so please prepare your child in the morning with what he/she will need to enjoy the day outdoors.  According to our risk management plan, we do not allow for outdoor activities if it is storming.  GVOLC is a American Camp Association accredited camp which also follows the Association for Challenge Course Technologies standards pertaining to challenge course usage. Should the weather become threatening in any way, your child will be sheltered in the nearest building until the storm subsides. Rainy-day pick up will be held in the large red barn along the gravel drive, after the bleachers. We will do our best to be efficient with this process, but please be patient as it can be confusing.

How many campers will be in each camp group?

No more than 12 campers will be placed with one counselor for the week. We often have counselors-in-training (CITs) help with camp groups. During certain activity periods (swimming, boating, high elements, etc), there will also be another staff member present or supervising. Lil’ Sprouts will have additional counselors, typically with a 10:2 or 5:1 camper-to-counselor ratio.

Where do campers swim?

We have 3 man-made lakes on our property. Campers will swim in a designated, roped-off area. In addition to the counselors, a lifeguard will be on duty every time your camper is near the waterfront. No more than 25 campers will be at a waterfront at a time. In order to swim, your child must pass a test to demonstrate that he/she is competent in the water. If your child cannot swim, or is uncomfortable swimming, we will ask that he/she stay in the most shallow, roped-off area (no deeper than chest level). We strictly enforce a “buddy system” while campers are in the water, and we do routine whistle checks during swim time. Lil’ Sprouts campers do not swim in our lakes; their water play consists of sprinkler fun.

Is camp safe?

We understand that there are risks involved with any outdoor and adventure activities, however, we pride ourselves on being as safe as possible and consider both physical and emotional safety. We extensively train our staff in risk management, CPR/First Aid, ropes course safety, and managing group dynamics. Our ropes course is inspected quarterly to follow the Association or Challenge Course Technology standards.  We also follow a “challenge by choice” philosophy and will never force a youth to do something are uncomfortable with. Safety will always be our number one priority.

What is your tax ID number?


What should I bring to camp? 

• Water Bottle
• Clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty
• Comfortable walking shoes or sandals with a heel strap (no flip flops!)
• Extra clothing/extra shoes (shoes will get wet)
• Lunch (non-refrigerated)
• Swimsuit and towel
• Rain gear
• Sunglasses / hat / sunscreen
• Backpack / tote bag

Senior Camp Pack List for Thursday overnight (Genesee provides tents and food):

• Sleeping bag and pillow
• Sleeping mat if interested
• Mess kit (plate, silverware, cup)
• Toiletries
• Flashlight
• Change of clothes for Friday