Camper Schedule

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The camper schedule is designed to create a unique experience for each camper. On each Monday, campers will meet their camp group and will be lead through a series of games and activities in the morning to promote bonding and friendships. Throughout the rest of the week, the counselor will take their camp group on a journey through several fun and adventurous activities around our property including our high elements, zip lines, climbing elements, swimming and canoeing, and so much more! Our goal is to provide each camper with a safe and exciting week filled with new experiences and friendships.

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In order to provide each camper with a unique camp experience based on their goals and passions, we are introducing an elective activity program. On Thursdays, campers will have the opportunity to choose their activities. Elective activities will change from week to week to keep returning campers engaged and will be lead by our highly trained and passionate counselors.