Parent Testimonials

Camp is open for 9 weeks between June 17 and August 23, 2019. No sessions will be offered the week of Independence Day. Register for Camp Here!

Summer 2018: 

“[Our daughter] had an incredible time at Genesee Valley. It was her first summer there, and I could tell she was a bit anxious the first day, but both staff and other campers out her immediately at ease. Every day when I picked her up she was tired, dirty, happy and full of stories about what she had done that day.

I love the GV campus, which is so beautiful. [Our daughter] clearly enjoyed the natural elements and learned a lot from her counselors. She came home talking about the characteristics of certain caterpillars, naming specific plants, and reciting the names behaviors of the farm’s various dogs, goats, and cows.

The atmosphere at camp is very friendly and fun without being too hectic. The camp motto of “challenge by choice” is taken seriously by all staff and campers. My daughter chose to embrace some challenges (like zip lining) but not others (like rock climbing). Regardless, she always felt a part of the group. And boy did she LOVE the zip lines.

My kid has a quirky sense of humor and it can be a lot for some adults. I remember one day when I dropped her off she began singing some parody in a loud voice right near one off the counselors.  Some adults might have asked her to stop or moved away — instead the counselor joined right in!

It felt like counselors at Genesee Valley were taking care of the kids, but also joining them in their explorations, their challenges, their games and even their silliness with an endless supply of energy, curiosity, and fun.”

“Genesee Valley Summer camp has been part of my daughter’s summers for the last three years. Genesee Valley is an amazing camp! It is run like a big family and it really shows in every aspect of the camp. There is such a variety of activities offered; all of which our daughter loves. The emphasis on nature and outdoor adventure is exactly what we are looking for in a camp. Not only are the activities fun for her, they are helping her develop self-confidence and push her to try things out of her comfort zone. The staff are great with the kids and are incredibly accommodating. We have had nothing but positive experiences at the camp. Next year we are looking forward to sending our younger son to Genesee Valley for his first experience with Lil’ Sprouts! He is already so excited to try all of the things his big sister has been talking about!”

“This was my boys first camp experience like this. I was hoping for them to have meaningful outdoor experience, and am very happy they did. They loved camp and were excited everyday and can’t wait for next year.”

“My kids have loved their time at Genesee this summer and are asking to come back next summer. I have especially loved the interaction between the staff and kids; it’s so different than at other camps. My kids really like everyone who works there.”

“My daughter was able to try things she had not tried before (archery, fishing, and kayaking) and really enjoyed all of it!”

“Will recommend this camp to other parents. Thank you!”

“My kids were thrilled with their experience at Genesee Valley. We plan to send them again next year.”

“Our children love Genesee Valley. They have been to Camp Puh Tok but they love Genesee Valley.”